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Become part of the team at Consolidated Engineering Plastics and experience a positive, supportive, and rewarding career.

We offer our employees a range of benefits and opportunities for personal and professional growth:

Employee Assistance Program (EAP):
We offer an EAP system to support your well-being and provide resources for personal and professional challenges.

Rewards and Incentive Program: Enjoy retail store discounts as part of our rewards program.

Monthly Toolboxes: Stay updated through our monthly toolbox sessions.

Monthly BBQs: A social opportunity to connect with colleagues, enjoy delicious food, and unwind.

Birthday Celebrations: We believe in celebrating you! Enjoy cake on your birthday.

Annual Christmas Parties: Join us for festive celebrations during the holiday season.

Purpose-Build Facility: Work in a modern, purpose-built facility designed for growth and productivity.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Access new technology and tools to enhance your work experience.

Career Growth: Explore multiple career options within our organisation.

Professional Development: We encourage learning and provide opportunities for growth and progress.


“In my role, I enjoy that every job is different and gaining knowledge from all the different tools and machinery used in the process of completing jobs. I enjoy that the company is family-orientated and very helpful and easy to approach if I have any trouble with jobs. I like that I have never welded plastics before and that I am getting taught how to do it properly. In six months, I feel as though I am picking it up quickly as I am being shown the correct procedure and learning about a lot of different materials”

- Richard, Fabrication Assistant

“I've been with Consolidated Plastics since '99, hitting my 25-year mark here. Our team culture is top-notch and we really live it every day. As the Leading Hand Plastics Fabricator, I love sharing my knowledge with new starters and apprentices, helping them hone their skills. Consolidated Plastics feels like a close-knit family where everyone is part of a great team”

- John, Leading Hand Plastic Fabricator

“As a Plastic Fabricator, I get to use A-grade materials to make A-grade products. After two years, I have picked up a range of skills and learnt many processes. I have also made many friends and enjoy working alongside them. I enjoy a challenge and have been trusted in taking on the big projects and been very successful”

- Walker, Apprentice Plastic Fabricator

“Recently joining Consolidated Plastics, I have found it to be a welcoming and supportive environment. Working with precise tools, equipment, training and safety are a high priority. Input and idea to improve any aspects of the company are encouraged from the employees. I look forward to attending my workday at Consolidated”

- Bradley, Production Assistant

“Working as the HSE Coordinator at Consolidated Engineering Plastics Products has allowed me to develop my professional skills further and gain experience in the manufacturing industry. I love that my role allows me to experience a range of responsibilities that I wouldn’t necessarily be able to if working for a larger company. My role allows me to make a tangible difference by ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our employees and contribute to the company’s commitment to sustainability”

- Hannah, HSE Coordinator

“Being part of the admin team at Consolidated Engineering Plastics Products has allowed many opportunities for personal and professional growth within myself. The team’s support and encouragement creates an environment where I am excited to belong. The prospect of learning so many new skills here is truly inspiring”

- Alice, Business Support Officer

“Being part of a team of some of the longest-standing and most experienced personnel anywhere within the Australian plastics industry allows me to work alongside existing customers and attract new customers to our business with absolute confidence. Every new project is a chance for us to draw off a pool of experience and deliver to our customers the innovation and quality required to meet their individual needs. The satisfaction I receive through our “Can Do” attitude, positive customer feedback and seeing our quality products installed throughout the mining and heavy industry sector is extremely rewarding”

- Russell, Business Development Manager

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